4 Great Reasons to Outsource Your Retail Photo Editing

Whether you are a small photography business or larger creative department, if meeting deadlines is becoming so stressful that it is affecting the joy you have in working in this industry, it may be time to consider outsourcing. Outsourcing allows experts in their fields to take the burden off your shoulders so that you can be free to be creative.

1. Photographer First

The many hats you already wear in your creative department or as a sole proprietor is enough to focus on. Outsourcing your post-processing editing will take away those back-breaking hours of sitting at your computer photo editing and return your time for creative & design work.

You will feel liberated and notice how it helps you work more efficiently. Your business will run smoother because the hours you are gaining will be focused on shooting photos and all that you need to do to solicit and maintain your clients such as marketing, sales, client meetings, communicating on social meeting, and advertising. Outsourcing will keep you from burnout and give you back that joy!

2. Leave it to the Experts
Photo editing is a frequently outsourced job within a creative department. You will soon realize that putting your images in the hands of skilled and experienced digital technicians was the best decision you could have made. Whether your photos need a touch-up or you have hundreds of photos needing a wide-range of processing, you are allowing the experts in their field do what they know best.

Creative departments that have only a few hands will get back the time spent as a “photo editor,” get more creative work done, and make better use of time.

Outsourcing is also cost effective. In addition to not having to purchase expensive, high-end software and computer systems, photo editing resources can finish your post processing at a much lower cost. This is a huge benefit to small firms, or a start-up business. The savings could allow you to hire another in-house creative digital tech.

3. Worry-free Time Management & Control

The average time spent on post-processing a shoot of about 100 photos is 10-12 hours. Outsourcing your photo editing allows your photo studio to spend that 10-12 hours on taking more photos instead. The turn-around time is quick and your images will be returned the very next morning.

This is effective use of time management.

There is no need to feel like you have lost control of your images. You dictate the specifications and your digital technician expert will do the rest and become familiar with your style. You’ll be sending off your photo editing jobs in confidence.

4. The Focus is on Consistency

There is enough pressure on your creative department to shoot dynamic photos and offer on-time delivery to your clients. You don’t need the burden of working overtime hours on photo editing. Outsourcing will help you keep your schedule in order and no over time will be required.

You will no longer fear that those 200 images you just shot might not be ready in time if you had to edit each one yourself. Outsourcing those 200 images ensures that 200 images will be returned.

You will be able to relax and even find your time open up to spend with your family and friends. Outsourcing will also affect your creative ability. Since your photo editing tasks will on a consistent schedule, you don’t have to be overstretched. You will feel so much fresher and free to create.

In the long run, the profitability of your business will be the priority.

Brisby Cameron

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