A Simple Ecommerce Photography Guide to Making Your Footwear Shine

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

From men’s athletic sneakers and sophisticated monk-strapped dress shoes to women’s flats, slip-ons, and high heels, stylish shoes have never been more in demand. As such, chances are pretty high your e-commerce deals with this lucrative product.

While it’s a fact that footwear can be a fruitful venture, it’s hard to see success if your presentation isn’t up to par, though.


Well, footwear is different from clothing since there isn’t (usually) a model to show it off. So, the key to better footwear sales is consistent imagery across your site. Master the art of taking footwear photography from different angles while keeping them proportional, and you’ll no doubt see increased interest — interest that will translate into more sales!

While it can be tricky achieving these results reliably, it doesn’t have to be. Below is a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step photography guide to getting consistent shots every time, courtesy of your friends at BBG!

Setup is essential

To set up, you’ll need two pieces of foamcore (preferably square/rectangular, with one bigger than the other) and pins.

The larger piece of foamcore will serve as a base. Use pins to keep it in place after you center it.

The second, smaller piece will be put on top of the larger. For now, we’ll have the smaller piece centered as well.

In addition, the camera you’re using should be on a tripod — but that probably goes without saying!

How the magic happens

Our basic setup is now ready: a set, stationary piece of large foamcore with a smaller, mobile piece on top.

Next, place your shoe on top and in the center of the smaller one and place two pins on each of its corners to ensure it stays still. Like this, you can take crisp profile images for each piece of footwear you have without worrying if anything is ever off.

After you’re done, determine your next angle and move the smaller piece of foamcore accordingly. When you’re satisfied, place pins on each of its corners to set it in place. Then, place the shoe on top and snap away!

Wash, rinse, and repeat for each angle and each shoe you need to take a picture of.  

Gotta get the lighting right

None of the above matters if your lighting is off, though. So let’s make sure every single photo is well-lit by following two simple steps:

  1. Place a light above and slightly in front of the shoe you have set up.
  2. To soften the harsh light, set up two bounce boards (boards designed to bounce light, hence their name) on both sides of the shoe.

The final result will redirect the light back to the shoe, create more contrast, and soften the harsher light. In short, guaranteeing awesome shots every time. When you’re done, send them on over to us to really get them to pop!

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