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A team of professional photo editor and designers. We make your post-production easy so you focus on your business instead of editing your product photos.

Background Be Gone can be the backbone of your online store and retail business. Try us and forget the pain of product image editing.

Background Be Gone is a post production company, we know product image editing inside and out for any eCommerce businesses. In fact, our team of professionals have over 15 years of experience working to make sure your product images are edited to the exact specifications of your online store.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of different companies from around the world in different industry sectors. No matter what kind of products you sell or what your specialty is, our professional image editing services can work for you.

What Our Clients Say


We have worked with various Internet retailers and e-commerce websites, designers, photographers, and catalog merchants who needed to have professional images that work with their brand. Our company understands the need to have product images that are clean, color-corrected and appeals to their target audience.

Our reputation for providing our various clients with top quality results has allowed us to partner up with some of the world’s leading consumer brands to crop and clean their product photos. These photos were then presented on their websites, or included in various online and offline promotional materials, such as email messages, banner ads, catalogs, newspaper ads, billboards, in-store signs and more.

We maintain a presence around the world to better serve our customers. This is why our company currently maintains offices in the United States, Canada, UK  and India. We can work together with you to deliver professional quality image editing services at an affordable cost.

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