Background Be Gone Receives Image Editing Recognitions from Software Review Platform

Our efforts to provide solopreneurs, ecommerce businesses and photo studio’s an image editing solution that neatly eliminates distracting backgrounds to make ecommerce product images shine was recently recognized. CompareCamp, a leading software directory that creates insightful SaaS reviews to help businesses select the best software solutions for their needs, analyzed our solution and gave us its Great User Experience and Rising Star distinctions.

CompareCamp analyzed all aspects of Background Be Gone in their review, such as our main functionalities, ease of use, and media rating. Our software was described to be “suitable for all kinds of products and specialties” as our experts reliably delivers within 24 hours “professionally clean and color-correct product images” that are “appealing to the target audience.” This paved the way for Background Be Gone to receive CompareCamp’s Great User Experience award, a distinction reserved to software solutions that are well-designed and intuitive.

Background Be Gone also received CompareCamp’s Rising Star award, a recognition given to software solutions that have risen in popularity due to positive user feedback. This can likely be attributed to our user-friendly interface and affordable price. With Background Be Gone, users can easily course their requests with an easy to use graphical interface that allows one to choose their desired editing type, leave comments, accept or reject images, and communicate with our support team. Background Be Gone also offers three pricing types to best suit an individual or company’s needs.

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