Change Garment Hues

Adjust and modify garment colors without losing texture sharpness, highlights or shadows.

And then there’s the colors. And you may have a ton of colors on a single product. That’s okay, but how do online stores make those pictures line up exactly, wrinkles and all? That’s probably just one product, with its hues changed to match the target color. As deceptive as that may seem, it actually isn’t; if you add some extra editing to the image, you can make it look pretty much exactly like the other color would, so you don’t lose even the tiniest detail, and get a true-to-life representation of the product in a different color as a result. And the results speak for themselves; you may have bought, for example, two sets of pants online, one red, the other white, and both of them looked like the same product with a different hue. Did they look exactly as expected from the pictures? They very probably did. And that’s why professionals, like us, edit pictures; we don’t just change the color, we ensure it looks exactly like the product you are trying to portray. And with some extra editing magic, you get a perfect picture for your product, regardless of color.

And isn’t that exactly what you want for your products? It probably is. Which is why so many businesses leave their editing up to the professionals, and not their own internal teams, or themselves. They need products to look their best, and by looking their best, they sell in droves, regardless of the color they are in.

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