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Common Blurring Problem in Smartphone Photography, Here’s How to Keep Steady

The Right Techniques and Tools Make all the Difference

The convenience of having your camera in hand, in the form of a smartphone right when you need to capture a moment, can be a blessing or a curse.

While it is handy to have your smartphone on demand to snap a quick pic, smartphones are known for taking blurry photos. How many times has your memory been snatched away by a click when using a smartphone?

Heed to these tips to keep those special moments alive on your smartphone.

Blurred photos could be caused by the software on your smartphone; but, it is likely that you are also at fault. Most people get excited when trying to capture a snapshot, acting too quickly and move while taking it, guaranteeing the shot will blur.

My advice is to take a breath, concentrate, keep still, steady. . .

And focus.

You can press and hold the shutter to focus; then release your finger to shoot instead of tapping your screen. Burst shooting is a mode on your smartphone that captures a series of images after which you can discard those that aren’t useable. You may want to consider purchasing an app made especially for focus. There are quality apps to help you avoid lack of focus.

iPhone Users—Camera+ and Camera Awesome are highly recommended apps; both support burst fire shooting. Android Users—Camera 360 and ProCapture provide the best results. These apps also have other enhancements to turn out high quality photographs.

Effective Accessories

You may also want to consider using accessories that can be quite helpful.

Tripods offer the best opportunity for a steady shot, especially if you are using an additional lens on your phone camera. Using lenses also cause instability in your shot. If you are zooming in on a subject, a tripod is the best way to keep your camera steady. There are a variety of adapters that attach your phone to a tripod. But, if you get caught without your tripod, just set your phone on a flat surface to get the shot you are after.

Binoculars are another accessory great for capturing events or landscape shots with ease.

Different Lenses

Zooming is the only photo enhancement on your Smartphone which actually stretches it disproportionally, not magnify. Investing in a zoom lens allows you to zoom better, magnifying not stretching your photo.

Telephoto Lenses provide magnification without depending on your digital zoom or shooting your subject close-up. There are many to choose from at different price points.

Macro and Wide Angle Lenses are also for close up photography. You can get a tailor-made clip-on lens, or make them by using lenses you may have lying around like an old DVD player.

By instituting these tips, you will achieve the best photography with your smartphone camera.

Brisby Cameron
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