Crop, Margin and Alignment​

Consistent standards for cropping, setting margins, and vertically aligning images will make browsing your site a smooth experience.

You may have seen product images somewhere that definitely look like someone is wearing them, but without the person in the picture. How did they do that? That’s the result of clever cropping, which is essentially the cutting out of parts of images, often to isolate a single object. This is the exact technique that someone would use to photoshop their face onto someone else’s head, for example.


But why should I do that for my product images? Well, the results speak for themselves; your product is not just the main focus of the image, but the entire focus. You’re not selling the model, you’re selling the jacket, correct?


But what about those shops that look like every single product picture was made just for that store? Long story short, it was, but not in the way you think: Often, when product pictures are taken, a lot of extra space is left over on all sides, often occupied by nothing but the tent used for the background, whether white or a possible green screen. There may be a good reason for this; by leaving plenty of room left over, editing the image allows you to cut the images into a set area, such as a box, with the product centered pretty much exactly. This is what margins and alignment are responsible for.


And in combination, all three of these tricks give your storefront a consistent and uniform look, resulting in a professional tone to it that is hard to achieve otherwise.

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