Invisible mannequin

Do you want depth, but don’t have a model for your product? No problem; we can help make your product look natural through the combination of interior and exterior images.

Have you ever wondered how seemingly every business around you can afford to hire models for your products? Maybe you’ve wondered if someone will do it for free? An invisible mannequin will certainly model for free, but that mannequin would probably be a little difficult to find. Which is why we make one for your products; with a clever combination of the insides and outsides of your product, we can assemble an image that looks to have been worn by a model, without ever needing one.


Perhaps it seems excessive to you. But, be honest: Have you ever bought a product just because it was worn by a model in the picture? Maybe, maybe not, but impulse buyers certainly will. But what if that model is missing? Wouldn’t that be detrminental? Not at all; putting more focus on the product itself means that the buyer knows what they’re getting, and the extra depth added from an invisible mannequin can give them a god idea of how it’ll look when worn, which may actually help sales, because looking good on a picture and looking good on you aren’t the same thing. Often, something that looks good on a flat image might not look as good when worn, and vice versa. So, if your product looks good when worn, and exactly that is pictured, don’t you think you would buy it, knowing it’d look just as good on you? You probably would. And if someone wants to look good, that’s definitely the type of image they’d look for.

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