Privacy Policy

At Background Be Gone, your confidentiality is important to us. This is the main reason why we have created a Privacy Policy so that each user can read upon about how we use their information that is obtained when visiting. If any questions may arise toward our, Background Be Gone, Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to contact us. By accessing Background Be Gone, you are giving us permission to process, store, and use certain information that is stated within this Privacy Policy. However, please be assured that the information that we collect and use is obtained at a minimum. Only information that is required to access our site or to keep you updated about our services offered may be used by either us or our affiliates. As specified below, the information provided may be used for analytical and statistical purposes as well.


Personal identifying information is defined as any information that can be used to contact and identify you. This may include your full name, phone number, or email address. When you register to our site, we ask for you to provide your personal information.


We take the necessary steps to secure the confidentiality of any information we receive. However, when you access our site you agree that although we take the necessary precautions for your safety, that it is technically impossible for us to guarantee such safety of any information you have disclosed online. Therefore, you accept any implications that may arise when providing your information online and cannot hold Background Be Gone responsible for any breach of the disclosed information unless negligence is present. To ensure there are no breaches, we advise to you to keep your username and password stored safely where no one can have access to, except when we have given you our written permission to do so. We will always do our best to take control over the confidentiality of your information. If you have provided or gave permission to us with your email address, occasionally you will receive information about our products and services offered. If this is something you are not interested in, you have the option to ‘opt out’ located in the email you may receive.


We do not sell, transfer, share, or any other forms that may disclose your personal information to another party. However, this is not applied in the following circumstances:

  • We have informed you through an agreement or disclosure of such transfer with your permission to do so
  • When required by law to disclose your personal information
  • If Background Be Gone is sold, or all of the businesses assets are sold to another entity, your information may be disclosed to the other entity; and
  • When such disclosure is required to protect the health and well-being of another party


In the access of our site, our server will automatically retain information that is not a personal identity, such as the pages you have viewed, and the time that you spent visiting our site. This information that is obtained is used to access any problems we may have with our server, improvisations of the site, and provide you with content you may be interested in. We may also use this aggregate data to give to our partners and affiliates for information about our users, and site during such visits. We do not, however, share personal information. To provide you with the best information, we may use “cookies” to store and track information about our users. These “cookies” can be defined as information that is sent to your used browser from a web server and stores on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies are sometimes used by us to track information for your convenience to understand you better. The cookies that may be gathered and used for our sole purpose; we do not share such information with third parties.


Please be advised that when using our site, there will be times when you may be directed to another site. When linking to another site, you should review their Privacy Policy as well as it may be entirely different than ours. Said sites may also send their own cookies to their visitors and even collect personal information. In this scenario, we are not responsible, and should not be held liable, for the linked sites privacy policies or any sites that you may use that may take any information collected from your visit. This Privacy Policy is solely for our site.


At Background Be Gone, we provide services that remove the background of images that our customers will send to us. These images are used for the sole purpose of the services provided; they will not be used for commercial or private use unless we receive your consent. When these images are processed, they can be available for access on a public URL that will not be published. Because of the public use of this URL, we advise you to use privacy and discretion when sending us images. We are not liable, under any circumstance, of unauthorized access of images that do not belong to you.