Remove the background from product image

Remove the background and replace with a color or another background, or cut it out entirely.

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Often, you’ll probably look over many product catalogs, both on paper and online, and notice how every single one of them seems to be missing a background. Does everyone really have a green screen? Not really, but many probably do. However, a green screen isn’t required to cut the background out of a product image; it actually is only an incredibly useful tool.

Backgrounds can be removed, even if they’re not a shade of green. It’s a little more involved, but almost as easy if you know how to use image editing programs to some extent. And, in most cases, cutting out a background (or just separating it) can be done in only a few seconds, and with minimal experience and know-how compared to a lot of other tasks. That isn’t to say it’s always easy; some product pictures may not even have a studio level background, or may be taken outdoors, which can complicate their removal a bit. This is where we excel; with their years of experience, our post-production team can remove even the most difficult backgrounds, no matter how complex or well a product blends in.

So, to put it short: The method itself is simple, but hard to master. Even some studio backgrounds that have only one color can be difficult to remove, especially if the product is the same color as that background, or other clothing in the shot that could dent the resulting image. This is why there are professionals; they are good at this stuff.

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