Shadow and reflection

Natural and drop shadows add subtle depth that will increase your product’s appeal.

Add a subtle reflection to your product image to create a glossy look. Perfect for jewelry or cosmetics.

What about those fancy shadows on products? That has to be a studio, right? Actually, not really; shadows are remarkably easy to add to pictures, as well as extra shading and reflections. And, although they may not look like much, they are surprisingly important.

Do you think a product would be more realistic with only clipping? Do you think it would better or worse without a fitting shadow? It would probably look better.

And it improves looks quite a lot; you may have seen a lot of sportswear brands put shadows below their newest line of shoes, or maybe some extra shading on limited edition sportswear to make it stand out from the others. And, if you look at it, it probably looks way better than the other stuff that isn’t a limited edition. That’s no coincidence; looks really do sell, even on products that people think sell based on what they offer.

Even waterproof shoes and jackets sell in droves just because they look good in a product picture. And, if you think about it, you probably haven’t specifically looked for waterproof shoes before, unless you are a hiker. So how do you sell waterproof shoes to average people? Simple: You make them look better than the others. Even though the price tag may be a little higher, if people like the look of the product, then they will buy it, regardless of that higher price tag. After all, you could probably get a cheap smartphone that has powerful hardware, but to the average Joe, what’s on the paper doesn’t matter, it’s the looks.

Make your products stand out by applying shadow
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