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At Background Be Gone, we know the value your dreams hold. As your success partner we help you get started with the best product image editing that your business needs.

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Optimize product image for your store

When your store looks better it sells better. Enhance your online store with our professional product image editing. Track how your images perform and see the difference.

Meet Shirley!

With our professionally edited and optimized product images Shirley’s online footwear store sold 30% more in the first 6 months itself.

“ The product image editing helped bring out the features of my designs. They really helped to get more orders for my designer footwears.”
Shoe Designer

Guide us through the process

Is perfection required? Then our step by step process lets you tell our team exactly what to do. On top of that, our app speeds up your post-production threefold.

Select the service you want

Background Removal

Clipping Paths and Masks

Shadows and Reflections

Crop, Margin & Alignment


Color Correcting

Meet Mrs. Clayton

She is Mrs. Clayton, a wedding dress designer on Etsy. Professional retouching made her premium designs look even better and helped her get 4 new clients in just two weeks.

“ Editing is important, especially because of the competition you have to stand out from the crowd. The image retouching got more visitors to my store and there was increased demand for my high-end designs.”
Wedding Dress Designer

Pay only for what you use

We understand. You’ve just started and we all want to see the results, isn’t it? See the difference – Get three free edits today! 

$1 per image

24 hour turnaround

3 free edits

All at One Place

Get your product images edited to excel. We offer professional product image editing for all popular marketplaces including Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Etsy and more. Integrate your online store with our advanced Background Be Gone App and get seamless image editing every time.

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